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TV stars AJ and Curtis Pritchard announced their new venture into finance with the launch of the investing app FINT.

Chatting to host Gabriel Nussbaum on That Money Show, AJ explained: “Most people know us from being on TV, they know our personalities. We were both professional dancers. People don’t know Curtis was a professional dancer but he’s been on Love Island.

“I am very OCD, I love numbers, and I’ve always invested. I’m very good with money. Curtis on the other hand is very creative, he’s a bit more chaotic… it comes down to the point, that if you’re not educated in something, how’s it your fault if you don’t understand how to manage your money?

“You’re taught to get a job to earn money, but you’re never taught how to manage your money.”

The former Strictly Come Dancing professional also spoke about how he wanted the investment app to become part of his and Curtis’ legacy.

AJ continued: “It’s about creating something that’s bigger than our names and what’s better than actually creating something that helps thousands of people. It’s such a rewarding thing.

“Like when I used to go on Strictly, I used to think of it like a public service. I’m entertaining someone for 90 seconds and I want people to forget about their problems. It’s a really weird mentality.”

When teased by Curtis about never making the final, the 29-year-old revealed that being eliminated earlier meant you received more screen time. AJ revealed: “I technically got more viewing hours because technically, if you don’t make the final, you get a ‘It Takes Two’ show. So I had more hours per person.”

Later in the interview, the former Strictly dancer opened up about how being in the public eye made him feel more vulnerable about money: “For us, we go on these TV shows, obviously now mental health is such a big point and there’s a lot of safety nets put in place to allow you to understand your feelings, other people’s feelings and maybe where you stand.

“But you never get taught, especially with these shows like Love Island, like ‘okay we need to set up a limited company now, you’re going to pay yourself £12,000 a year, we’re going to take dividends out, the way the tax works, corporation tax.’

“You’re expected to know something, I think it’s really sad that throughout our industries and I know through our entertainment side, we’re expected to become the best that we are, but you can’t be strong and secure in yourself.”

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