Back Row and Chill

Take BBC Radio 4’s ‘Front Row’ arts review show and lob in a hand grenade of uncensored opinion

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Facebook sensation Jahannah James’ outrageous videos and anarchic sense of humour is given free reign on her show on FUBAR. The show covers entertainment, arts, comedy and other news.

Jahannah’s online videos have gathered infamy in the press and millions of views on Facebook. Her viral video ‘the floor is lava’ really pissed off the Daily Mail, slamming her as irresponsible – 26 million views later, Jahannah and FUBAR laughed this off and welcomed the attention that her performances draw from more relevant publications like Buzzfeed.

Back Row and Chill has featured interviews with Oscar winning director Barry Jenkins (Moonlight), BAFTA award winning director Nick Broomfield, actors Viola Davis (Fences), Joe Morton (Scandal), Charlotte Ritchie (Fresh Meat), Zoe Kazan (box office smash ‘The Big Sick’), Brian Tyree Henry (Emmy Award winning TV show ‘Atlanta’) and many more.

If Jahannah’s presence alone was not enough to attract the big names from the small and big screen, Jahannah’s co-hosts include Noel Clarke (Brotherhood, Dr.Who, Star Trek) Jack Binstead (Bad Education), actor and broadcaster Teej as well as Vlogger Kevin Freshwater.


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