Episode 50- Labour’s ‘Supermajority’ and Carla Denyer

First Broadcast: 20th June 2024


Episode 50- Labour's 'Supermajority' and Carla Denyer

Politics Uncensored

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This week, Zoë Grünewald unwraps the week’s political talking points with Journalist and Broadcaster, Dahaba Ali Hussen. Zoe is also joined by Green Party Co-Leader Carla Denyer, to discuss her party’s prospects at the General Election; Former Defence Minister and Conservative Candidate, Tobias Ellwood, about Rishi Sunak’s election blunders; Zoe Gardner, the Migration Policy Campaigner, on just how big an issue immigration will be at the polls; and Conor O’Shea, from the campaign group Generation Rent, on which party is promising the most the most for renters and first time buyers.