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Clip 1 The Ian Boldsworth Show

Hollywood actor Rob Schneider, as you’ve never heard him before! Talking full advantage of the FUBAR platform.
(Ian Boldsworth is a UK stand up and comedy podcast veteran)

Clip 2 The Hip Hop Show

  • Wu Tang Clan legend chooses FUBAR over the BBC when he arrives in London to commemorate the release of his new movie.
  • FUBAR’s Sarah Love on why politicians are finally listening to young people
    (From the Hip Hop show with Sarah Love – the most popular Hip Hop talk show in Britain today)

Clip 3 Pane and Sylvester

An example of product placement on FUBAR – delivered in a way that’s strictly forbidden on all other radio but the brand sponsor loved it!
(Mikill Pane collaborates with Ed Sheeran and Harley Sylvester is one half of Platinum selling music duo Rizzle Kicks)

Clip 4 Back Row and Chill

Samuel L Jackson gets a kicking from Brit actor/ director Noel Clarke
(hosted by Noel Clarke and Jahannah James)
Noel Clarke is the writer/ director of the BAFTA nominated Brotherhood trilogy and has starred in numerous TV and movie roles, Star Trek, Dr.Who. Jahannah James is a social influencer star, clocking up over 500m views of her antics.

Clip 5 Politics on FUBAR

Liberal Democrat party grandee funds top UK grime album
(Politics on FUBAR is hosted by Telegraph editor Asa Bennett)

Clip 6 Newsish

Ricky Gervais gets roasted by the next generation of stand-up performers
(from the Newsish show, with comedians Sean Walsh and Mark Simmons)

Clip 7 Good Team On Paper (Soccer discussion show)

Is this the final word on the debate; who is the best midfielder in British soccer?

Clip 8 The Hannah Witton Show

  • The day after Trump was elected
  • The sex positions you’ve never heard of
    (from the Hannah Witton show) Hannah Witton is a YouTube sensation, bringing sex advice and more to the millennial generation.

Clip 9 Screen Talk with Dan Clark

Notting Hill director Roger Michell on why he turned Bond down

Clip 10 Access All Areas

Is Trump a good thing after all?
(The celebrity news show with attitude)

Clip 11 The Jaackmaate Show

ISIS terrorists are not Muslims, they’re just terrorists!
(From the show that’s hosted by YouTube sensation Jack Dean, aka Jaackmaate)