I Kissed a Girl stars Abbie Cole and Lisha Paige revealed a bitter feud with one of their co-stars which ended in them being blocked.

Chatting to hosts Bobby Norris and Ellen Coughlan on the showbiz gossip programme Access All Areas, the reality star couple discussed the moment in the reunion when it was revealed that Priya Soha had gotten married after leaving the show with Naee: “When we got told, I was a bit smug. We found out ages ago so we were just waiting for it to come out, we were sitting on it. Naee has a [Tiktok] series out now called ‘Surviving Priya’ and on part 4 she says ‘by the way I haven’t done this to send any hate to Priya’ and we thought “yes you have!” We did watch it, but we’re now blocked on Nae’s TikTok.”

Lisha continued: “Long story short, Naee didn’t like a TikTok I made. She thought it was referring to something else, and she got the wrong idea.  And she just went all out on the group chat for me. I said “Why don’t you message me privately instead of trying to do it to an audience? You’ve got some issues you need to sort.” She said “wait until I see you” and I was like “damn girl!” But then she blocked me and everything and I just kind of said like, “This is ridiculous. Like this is so childish.” And we haven’t spoken since then. I will honestly laugh in her face. If she comes up to me, I will honestly walk away like I find it so embarrassing arguing in public like how old are you?”

Abbie replied: “We might need some security in the room [when they meet]. I’m scared!”

Listen to the full episode, also featuring Sam Taylor, here.