News-ish with Seann Walsh and Mark Simmons

Tuesday // 12pm-1pm

Newsnight meets An Idiot Abroad. Seann Walsh & Mark Simmons talk current affairs. The only catch? They know very little about current affairs…

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Stand up sensation and TV personality Seann Walsh presents News-ish – an ill-informed round up of the week’s events that makes ‘fake news’ look like the BBC World Service. The in-depth analysis of world events is made all the more surreal by Seann’s co-host, comedian Mark Simmons who brings his own brand of ignorance with features like “I didn’t know that” – a series of common knowledge facts that Mark genuinely finds astonishing.

This is a show that aims high and scores hilariously low – think ‘Newsnight meets An idiot Abroad’. With regulars like Celebrity Weather (a gratuitous calling up of Seann’s showbiz mates to ask them what the weather is like where they are) and ‘Village Life’ – a roundup of parochial tedium in Seann’s Mum’s cul-de-sac- News-ish is the perfect antidote to the actual news.

With Seann’s infectious humour & Mark’s consummate one-liners, the boys dissect broadsheet and tabloid headlines for your entertainment. Mark’s inability to grasp reality is a rare and always hilarious gift. They both have their own quirky take on the news stories and Seann and Mark’s interpretation of the colourful characters in the public eye.