Mikill Pane + Reece Sanders

Wednesday // 4pm - 6pm

If Woman’s Hour was hijacked by two metrosexual guys – you can expect the unexpected.

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What happens when two friends – a world renowned rapper and a male model – present a live show?

Rapper and producer Mikill Pane (Ed Sheeran, Example, Paloma Faith) and Reece Sanders (model for YSL and Paul Smith) create the show that all young guys (and a lot of girls) want to hear.

Forget your average review and advice shows that front up dull DJs with tired and rehearsed patter – check out these boys for informed insight on fashion, food, gadgets and any other form of fun consumer products. If it ain’t featured, forget it!

The duo even dish out advice on sex, relationships, flatmate disputes and other issues. Got a problem with your partner? Then let these alternative agony uncles solve it for you – or at least try.

Naturally, the guys’ diverse background and experience on a world stage provides them with a unique and colourful take on everything that’s presented to them.

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