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The man who brought back Grange Hill, Star Trek and the A-Team has brought himself back with a brilliant new show here on FUBAR.

You might think you know all there is to know about this former C4 and FIVE frontman, his co-hosting with Allan Carr on the Friday Night Project and much more but join this hilarious Bristolian and his crew for 2 hours of irreverent chat and it will change your mind.

Broadcast on Tuesday and Thursdays from 8-10pm, the show is driven by Justin’s crazy anecdotes, ingenious games and nonsense ramblings, such as My thought on the Tube.

Sprinkled with regular features like Tepid News – (a deeply sarcastic round up of what other media outlets call news), Justin also interviews the most eccentric, bizarre and wonderful people, from the Prophet of America’s Church of Bacon to the man who paints with his penis.

Email the show jlc@fubarradio.com


Previous Episodes


  1. 20:00

    Tuesday 3rd May

  2. 20:00

    Thursday 5th May

  3. 20:00

    Saturday 7th May

  4. 20:00

    Sunday 8th May


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