Mind Over Matter & more

First Broadcast: 16th October 2017


Episode 91 - Fisky, Jaz Kahina, Holly Flolightly and Poetcurious discuss Mind Over Matter, Reali-T, Hyperb0lic download

The Hip-Hop Show

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Sarah and Mys are back with the usual 2 hours of hip hop hooliganism! This week’s #MysInvestigates looks at your first ever live hip hop memory. Let us know your first ever gig by getting in touch at hiphop@fubarradio.com.

Fisky comes through to the studio with Jaz Kahina, Holly Flolightly and Poetcurious to discuss their next Mind Over Matter event.

Reali-T and hyperb0lic also step on the Open Mic, with a beat provided by Alienshadz.